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    The Science of Chewing™

    By Lee Ofner, DDS

    Single pack of ChewOn Cognitive Gum.

    While in solitary confinement, Matthew D. Hutcheson discovered that chewing for prolonged periods throughout the day:

    • Decreased (eliminated) his worry and anxiety.
    • Increased his focus and concentration.
    • Greatly improved his memory.
    • Activated his hope, curiosity, and anticipation for the good to come.
    • Created within him a general feeling of wellbeing.
    • And deactivated his fight or flight response (sympathetic nervous system).

    Science supports Hutcheson’s discovery

    • Chewing for long periods increases blood flow to the brain.
    • Increased blood flow means increased oxygen to the brain.
    • Increased oxygen improves cognitive function and enhances concentration.
    • The rhythmic motion of chewing can help reduce tension and promote relaxation.
    • Chewing gum can also help control appetite and reduce cravings.
    • The act of chewing signals the brain into feeling fuller for longer.
    • Finally, chewing gum stimulates the production of digestive enzymes.

    Turning Chewing ‘ON’ is key to defeating, defeat. 

    • Chewing plays an important role in ‘defeating, defeat.’
    • Because I am a dentist, I know a little something about chewing.
    • We wanted to create a chewing gum inspired by Matthew D. Hutcheson.
    • That is precisely what we created.

    Introducing, ChewOn™ - the 'Happy Brain Gum™'

    • We created the ‘happy brain gum™’ that:
    • Facilitates a calm self.
    • Encourages a focused mind.
    • Assists in clarity of thought.
    • Fosters a feeling of wellbeing.
    • Invites a cheerful demeanor.
    • It is ‘triumph gum.’
    • It is ‘the thinker’s gum.’
    • It helps one 'defeat the defeat.'
    • Fresh mint.
    • Sugar free.
    • Extra firm chew.
    • Lasts for hours.

    Brain enhancement

    ‘Keep on chewing,’ and turn your chewing ‘ON.’

    ChewOn™ chewing gum is special because it contains three cognitive-enhancing ingredients to augment the brain-healthy chewing process:

    1. Exogenous ‘Navy Seal’ ketones (Beta HydroxyButyrate or ‘BHB.’)
    2. Alpha-GPC (Alpha GlyceroPhoshorylCholine or ‘GPC.’)
    3. Natural Energy (Trimethylxanthine or ‘Caffeine.’)

    Exogenous ‘Navy Seal’ ketones (Beta HydroxyButyrate or ‘BHB’)

    Our brains use one of two energy sources: Glucose and/or ketones.

    Brains prefer ketones. Learn more about ‘Navy Seal Ketones.'

    Navy Seals, astronauts, and professional athletes consume these ketones.

    The second special ingredient is Alpha-GPC

    The scientific name is Alpha GlyceroPhosphorylCholine, or ‘GPC.’ We simply call it ‘Alpha-GPC’ or just ‘Alpha.’ Alpha GPC increases motivation, cognition, and focus.’ Alpha-GPC is a brain-function enhancer. It also increases the power output in athletes. It appears to support the brain’s cellular membranes. And it may help prevent cognitive decline.

    The third special ingredient is Trimethylxanthine or ‘Caffeine.’

    Natural energy and focus. There are various plants that contain natural energy-boosting compounds, such as caffeine.

    We offer two options: with natural ‘energy boost,’ or without. Each ‘energy boosted’ piece contains 80 mg of natural caffeine. This dosage is about half that of a Starbucks coffee (intentional). However, when the other two ingredients are factored in, we believe the enjoyment-benefit-value (alertness, focus, etc.) of a pack of exceeds five premium coffees for half the price. One piece of lasts for hours.

    The Science behind ChewOn™

    ‘Chewing - or mastication as it is scientifically known - done consciously or with intention, can help with issues of anxiety, nervousness, and mood, among other psychological and physiological issues.’ - Hendley, S. (2020, April 7) ‘You can actually chew your way to a state of zen.’ (Emphasis added.)

    ‘A study by BioMed Research International found that ‘[m]astication (chewing) is an effective behavior for coping with stress. Scholey, A; Haskell, C; Robertson, B; Kennedy, D; Milne, A; Wetherell, M; 2009, ‘Chewing gum alleviates negative mood and reduces cortisol during acute laboratory psychological stress,’ Physiology; Behavior, vol. 97, no. 3-4, pp. 304–312. (Emphasis added.)

    ‘Thus, positive attributes of effects of chewing on attention, especially on sustained attention, were shown in over half of the reports. These effects also appeared with improvement in mood and stress relief and were influenced by time-on-task effect.’ - Hirano, Y; Onozuka, M. (2015). Chewing and attention: a positive effect on sustained attention. BioMed Research International, 2015, 367026. (Emphasis added.)

    Chewing changes everything

    It’s brain science.

    Announcing our ‘ChewOn™’ pre-order launch November, 2023.


    We will pre-sell ChewOn™ trays of 15 packs for $99. (75 individual pieces, $1.32 per piece as compared to a $3 premium Starbucks coffee.) You are buying brain science to help you ‘defeat your defeat.’

    What is being offered

    ChewOn is not ordinary bubble gum someone can buy at a grocery store checkout stand for $2.

    Rather, we are making life-changing brain technology available to the market through the process of chewing. This technology is not cheap and it is for those who truly understand what it means to ‘invest in self.’

    The compounds in the product:

    1. Help to transition the chewer’s sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system so the chewer can focus, concentrate, learn, remember, and change;
    2. Give the chewer a reason to chew, as chewing itself enhances human mental and emotional wellbeing. 


    It would cost $225 at Starbucks to obtain a similar (yet lesser) enjoyment-benefit-value. And unlike ChewOn™, drinking coffee has none of the benefits of chewing. Coffee has only one ingredient as compared to ChewOn's special three. ChewOn™ is a more intelligent path towards a clear and focused mind.

    Free shipping available only for sales of 15 packs or more

    This gum has a purpose...To help you ‘defeat your defeat!’

    Single packs are $9.58 plus shipping. Free shipping applies only to sales of 15 packs or more. In time, the price of single packs may decrease. Always inquire about coupon and discount codes.

    The First Pallet

    At first pallet, shipping of pre-orders will commence

    Special bonus-gift - a $1,000+ Lifetime Value

    Those who pre-order at least one 15-pack tray will also receive lifetime access to the E.P.I.C. App™ which contains the ethophilosophy secret to defeating one’s defeat.

    You may gift your lifetime access to a friend or a family. 

    The E.P.I.C. App™ also contains all five parts of the eBook, ‘Defeat the Defeat,’ by Matthew and Annette Hutcheson. 

    FDA Disclaimer:

    ‘These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.’



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