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Defeat the Defeat™

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    Three-Part System for Becoming Cool, Calm, and Collected

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    The Key is the State of "Parasym"

    The Philosophy of Hutch™, Pulsetto, and "Navy-Seal-Ketones"

    The Philosophy of Hutch™ is a unique "ethophilosophy" developed by Matthew D. Hutcheson while he was in solitary confinement. This "ethophilosophy" consists of a body philosophical concepts and skills that anyone can learn to neutralize the effects of tragedy and defeat.  

    Pulsetto consists of a team of top sleep and neuromodulation experts. By drawing on the latest science and technology, Pulsetto helps people from all over the world with their stress, anxiety and sleep issues.

    E.P.I.C. Ketones™ (also called "Navy Seal Ketones") are a bio-identical compound to those produced naturally in the human body. These compounds favorably impact the human body, mind, and nervous system in amazing ways. 

    When these three solutions are combined, something utterly "magical" happens. We hope you will discover this "magic" for yourselves.


    1. The Philosophy of Hutch™ - $39.90 (56% off regular price)

    Reclaim control of your life with Matthew and Annette Hutcheson's inspiring 5-Book Set, "Defeat the Defeat™". 

    Secure the 5-Book Set "Defeat the Defeat™" at an unbeatable price of $39.90 (plus tax) before February 11, 2024.

    Get all 5 essential books and save 56% on the regular price of $89.90. Plus, enjoy free shipping! Read your way to success with this unique pre-order offer.

    The retail undiscounted price of each book is $17.98 each, or $89.90 plus tax and shipping for a full set.

    From December 1, 2023 until February 11, 2024, take advantage of this special offer to receive 56% off on the 5-book set plus free shipping. 

    We anticipate the delivery day will be mid-to-late February. Our publisher is working diligently on the final details.


    2. Pulsetto - $269 (50% off regular price)

    Pulsetto has created a special offer of 50% off for Philosophy of Hutch™ students and customers to compliment their educational E.P.I.C.™ journey.

    Reduce stress. Beat anxiety. Sleep soundly.

    The Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulation device helps you relax in under 10 minutes. Sit back, close your eyes, and let the Pulsetto wave of calmness wash away your stress and anxiety.


    The science of vagus nerve stimulation

     Why do People Love Pulsetto?

    3. E.P.I.C. Ketones™ (Annette Hutcheson) - $331 (15% off normal price)

    R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate or "BHB"

    Ketones (R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate or "BHB") are the body's preferred energy source over glucose. BHB activates the parasympathetic nervous system which turns on the "rest and digest" state and turns off the "fight or flight" state. 


    E.P.I.C. Ketones™ (Annette Hutcheson) offers a $20 coupon code plus 15% off for recurring Smartship orders for the first three months and 25% off thereafter. The items shown are the Prüvit® "Ultimate Transformation System" for those who are serious about starting fresh and taking control of their lives.


    This is an INVESTMENT in YOU (YOU are not an expense!)


    The 3-Part Package Summarized

    1. The Philosophy of Hutch™ - $39.90

    2. Pulsetto - $269

    3. EPIC Ketones™ - $331

    Total investment in YOU: $639.90 plus tax. Click "add to cart" now or scan below. 


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