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    E.P.I.C.™ Brain Technology

    One of the greatest discoveries scientists have made in the last several hundred years is that of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, or "BHB." 

    BHB is a compound produced naturally within the body (the liver). It is the brain and muscle's preferred source of energy (over glucose). 

    The everyday terminology for BHB is "Navy Seal Ketones." Both the Navy Seals and NASA Astronauts drink BHB (ketones) for a variety of reasons. One such reason is brain health.

    A bedrock element of The Philosophy of Hutch™ and E.P.I.C.™ is the learned skill of voluntarily transitioning one's nervous system from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic. "Navy Seal Ketones" greatly facilitate that process. For most people, transitioning from 'sym' to 'parasym' is not possible without help from BHB/'Navy Seal Ketones.'

    Part of your compensation as an instructor will come from the company that owns the patents on the lab-produced bio-identical BHB "Navy Seal Ketones." Access to the ketone science requires participation in the promotion of these ketones. Thus, we require our instructors to register as a promoter on the patent-holder's website. 

    We will now demonstrate how to do this correctly:

    Should you require assistance establishing your Prüvit account, please send a message to our WhatsApp instructor community.



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