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    Cool, Calm, Collected

    Cool, Calm, Collected

    When Matthew D. Hutcheson ("Hutch") was in solitary confinement, he discovered that the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for a cool, calm, collected state of being) could be activated voluntarily. This was done by understanding certain concepts, activating certain human faculties, and engaging in specific learnable exercises. The Philosophy of Hutch™ embodies the sagacious knowledge that Hutch discovered during that extremely difficult period. 

    Easier Ways

    Although the methods Hutch learned in solitary were extremely effective, there are even more efficient ways to activate the parasympathetic nervous system based on modern-day science that Hutch discovered after he was released from prison. Here is a partial list of "easier ways."

    1. Directly stimulate the vagus nerve through non-invasive electronic pulses. 

    2. Chew "E.P.I.C. Brain Technology™" cognitive gum. Chewing reduces stress, increases concentration and memory, and oxygenates the brain. 

     4. Induce a state of nutritional ketosis through consuming exogenous "Navy Seal" ketones. 

     5. Implement an intermittent fasting regimen coupled with the E.P.I.C.™ daily routine

    We offer a menu of products founding upon cutting-edge science to help our students and customers efficiently activate their parasympathetic nervous systems.